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Your /administrator area is vulnerable - secure it withAdminExile. Access keys, IPv4/6 Black/White Lists (IP and CIDRnetmasks supported), Brute Force detection. AdminExile Pro has youcovered.

Key features:
- Access key(s) - key only, or key + key value. Others provide oneor the other. AdminExile provides BOTH.
- Front-end Restriction - Restrict certain accounts from logginginto the front-end with accounts intended only for back-enduse.
- Lost Key Recovery - Useful for individuals using extremelydifficult keys, or teams who change the keys frequently.
- IP White and Black Lists - Use individual addresses, or CIDRnetmasks to define your lists.
- Brute Force Protection - Penalize users who abuse yoursystem.
- Brute Force Notification - get an email when an attackstarts.
- Management of blocked addresses - See a list of blacklistattempts and bruteforce attempts, as well as the ability to resetthose IP addresses.
- Stealth Mode - Prevents tell-tale signs that something exists at/administrator, like the session cookie!

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