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This news aggregator is a demostration of one Joocial solution This site can be described as "a one-page, aggregated, filtered, archiveable summary in near real-time of what is new and generating conversation" in Joomla! community and general technology news. This service is based on a curated set of RSS Feeds, news are immediately published in this site and in our social channels: Facebook - Twitter - - Tumblr - Google Blooger - Telegram @Joocial, by @JoocialBot.

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LMS KingLMS King is The Newest and Best Open Source Joomla LMS!, Scorm 1.1, 1.2, 2004 compatible, Specifically written to only work with Joomla 3.1 and above so that you have no problems with upgrading from older versions to the new Joomla 3 framework. If you need a learning system, then this is a professional level Learning Management System for Joomla! If you are looking for an open source Joomla LMS (Learning Management System), then this is just what you need. LMS King is the most powerful Joomla eLearning solution. It comes with all of our extensions (components, modules, plugins) which are fully integrated into the LMS. Our specially designed Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed to work on Joomla version 3.1 and above. It provides you with an easy to use and manage eLearning portal. This system offers you everything you need from online testing and exams to presentations and quizzes. See the Extensions section of this product description for the full list of extensions that are available. You don't have to be a guru or showroom expert to use our LMS. Our easy to use wizard will turn you into an LMS KING. Our professional version of this exclusive eLMS will allow you to further the learning and expertise of yourself and your team while avoiding the needlessly overcomplicated menus, instructions and functions which some software applications in this sector seem to favour. For a fuss-free, effective and professional Joomla LMS which offers best value for money you need look no further than LMS King. ➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟ Feature List ▶Test Types: ✔Quiz ✔Exam ✔Presentation ✔Survey ✔SCORM Scorm 1.1, 1.2, 2004 compatible ▶Question Types: Our LMS King system currently contains the ability to create 18 types of questions, with more in development. Several question types are very similar, but internally, very different. ✔Multiple Choice ✔Fill in Blank ✔Multiple Response ✔Yes/No ✔Drop-down List ✔Short Answer ✔Matching ✔Fill in Multiple Blanks ✔Essay ✔Numeric ✔True/False ✔Presentation ✔SCORM ✔Right/Wrong ✔Grid ✔Selector ✔Agree/Disagree ▶Test Types: ✔Quiz ✔Exam ✔Survey ✔SCORM ✔Presentation ▶Reports: ✔The system contains more than 30 reports. For more information, please see the full product details on our site.

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